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Sanson Club Membership

On this page you can renew your present Sanson Club Membership or sign up for new membership. New members will be asked to complete an official membership form at the Club.

Upon completion of this online form you will be presented with our bank details. Once your payment has been confirmed our Secretary will contact you regarding getting your membership card.

Benefits of being a Sanson Club Member include:

  1. You, and your guests, can visit our Club on Friday - Sunday from 5PM
  2. You can also visit any other NZ registered Club or RSA in New Zealand
  3. Have your events at our Club such as weddings, conferences or birthdays at very little cost
  4. Free use of Pool Table
  5. Happy Hours: Friday (6-7PM), Saturday (5-6PM), Sunday (5-6PM)
  6. Access to Sanson Club Functions such as Gigs, Comedy night, Xmas Party, Karaoke, etc.
  7. Cheapest Clubs/RSA Membership in New Zealand
  8. Free WiFi
  9. Big screen TV and PA Sound System
  10. Handle Club members get their own handle
* denotes required field


Sanson Club Executive Meetings
The 1st Thursday of each month. 6PM at the Sanson Club.

Sanson Community Committee Meetings
The 2nd Thursday of each month at 7PM at the Supper Room in the Community Hall behind Sanson School.

Facebook Pages

Community Notice Board
At the Sanson playground and toilets next to Z Energy. To add your own notices, borrow the key from one of the staff at Z.

Manawatu Blokart Club
Next to Sanson School on SH1. Tuition and hire available on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Find out more.