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Sanson Free WiFi

UPDATE - October 13th, 2021: Sanson Community Committee has approved funding for the professional installation of three new antennas before Christmas to significantly improve free wifi coverage in Sanson Village. 

This is a free WiFi service offered to residents of Sanson Village and visitors by:

Antenna Locations

  1. The Sanson Playground (Weekend Craft Access Point)
  2. Corner of Fagan and Phillips Streets (Spinning Planet Access Point and Internet Gateway)
  3. Harris Lane Access Point
  4. More coming soon

Here's the present coverage map:

The free wifi is avaiable in the areas above as long as you have direct line-of-sight to a transmitter.

  • Download speed is restricted to 2 Mbit which is fine for most Internet usage like Facebook, Internet Banking, Gmail and YouTube.
  • All information on the WiFi network is anonymous and isolated. No one else on the wifi network can access your data so your connection is safe.
  • Free wifi is available from 5.30AM to Midinight every day.

How to connect

When you're within range, this will pop up on your phone or computer - if it doesn't, go to your Wireless Settings and choose "sanson-free-wifi". A page will display on your device where you can click "Continue to the Internet". Once clicked you'll have full internet access. No personal information is requested.

No personal data is collected by this service. Here's an example of our Administration panel that just shows general statistics to help monitor the service. Spinning Planet presently manages the system and is an ethical business and respects your privacy and security:


To ensure the safety of your children online use the free Google Family Link service: https://safety.google/families/


Feilding-Rangitikei Herald
interview, August 17th, 2021

Interview with Jesse Mulligan
Radio NZ, August 18th, 2021: 1:40PM

TV3's, The Project
August 18th, 2021: 7:20PM


There is no guarantee for this service, though, we try to make it as reliable as possible. As we bring on new Access Points with antennas mounted on Businesses and Homes there may be interuptions of not more than an hour.


This project is an extention of what David Pickles started in 2005 and was taken over by Brynn Neilson in 2015. Eventually, someone will have to take over from Brynn. If you'd like to help out and learn how the system works. Please contact us.


  • New AP will be installed, after recent Covid Lockdown, to the back of the building behind Streetwise Coffee Cart to supply internet access to houses on Hedges Street
  • Working on new solar powered units to make AP installs quicker
  • Presently liaisng with Education New Zealand to give schools access to thier resources at non-restricted speeds
Again, none of this is done for profit. We do it because we think it should be done and eveyone should have basic Internet access for education and essential things like Internet banking. Please be patient. we're building and funding this project with money and support from the Sanson Community Committee and local businesses.

community Coverage

What we've done so far is amazing but we want to expand WiFi coverage to include everyone in our rural community. Our small village is in the news because we care about each other, we're a community sharing where we can for the benefit of all of us. Please support local businesses that are helping us do this and be patient as we increase coverage.
If you have any questions, please contact the manager of this community project:
Brynn Neilson
Spinning Planet Limited
​021 176 3629
​16 Fagan Street
​Sanson, 4817